Dog walking days:

Monday – 09:00-14:30
Tuesday – 09:00-14:30
Wednesday – 09:00-14:30
Thursday – 09:00-14:30
Friday – 09:00-14:30
Saturday – 09:00-14:30
Sunday – 09:00-14:30

Dear dog walkers,

We can still welcome a LIMITED number of enthusiastic volunteers and walkers.
Early each week, we post the walking days of the week on our Facebook page – – Please follow our page to see the current events.
What we provide: Hand disinfectant, disinfected leashes and doggies that love walking more than you could imagine!
If you’d like to participate, please click on the I’LL BE THERE button, and please also contact us via Messenger if you want to come!

If you eventually can’t come to the dog walking day for some reason, please let us know in advance! Thank you!

If you come to adopt, please arrive at the pre-agreed time! Thank you!


You can meet the doggies personally in Tárnok. Bring joy to them and to yourselves, too! Let those happiness hormones be released!

Address: Tárnok, Lukács-köz 5., Németh Stable/ Turn from Sóskút Road at Imre Farm./




Phone number:


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